Sunday, September 7, 2008

happy birthday to me, Sep7

happy bday myself****
turn to 20th finally
it seems a big number for me
every year before my bday
i am usually full of expectation
but this year I am not
well, there is no reason and idk why
maybe time changes and i had changed
simple is already good enough for me
(though i like surprise =] )
lets post a birthday card which i already sent it to my fd
but since today is my birthday so posting a related card would be better, right?
haha, by the way, i love this card and that is a full of challenge card
and the important thing is he likes my card sooo much
coz he cant believe its a hand-made card by "me"

the inside part was taken badly by someone
i usually would not take a picture like this...
coz it is hard to see what exactly inside
well, let me tell you, it is a three part-page card
from the left of the pic,
you can barely see there is a little bday cake pop-up
and from the right you see there is a rectangle magnet
since the card stock is kinda thick, it is hard to fold it together
so i stick the two magnet on two side, and the front side i stamp a cute spider in circle
(the other one you can at the left corner
then it didnt look that weird
i have thought this tench for so long
coz i havent tried this before
i regret i didnt take a gd pic on it
but it's okay! haha

new tech: magnet and a new way to fold card

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! (It's quite a coincidence but it's my birthday too)