Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Best One!


Look clearly and deeply!!
yes you are right!
it is not exactly a card
it's PUZZLE, i mean it. real puzzle
indeed, making this little bday gift took me so much time
every pieces comes from different paper and
they have different texture
the main point is IT IS UNIQUE !
(i had thought this idea for so long
and it was kinda hard to search for some texture paper,
since i dont want to use only craft paper)
(oh btw, some of them, i just stamped)
well, the hardest thing for making this was to cut the paper which has to exactly fit
because if it doesnt fit, two puzzles would not combine it
the details are necessary!
oh, this gift was for my bf's birthday!!
happy to you!
when i gave him, the puzzle was separated and put it in an envelope
when he started puzzling it, I had so much fun to watch him to do it
coz he was like, why the color with the puzzle was totally different
as a normal puzzle, every pieces are related to each other
oops, but this one i made, just different!
haha>3< love you!

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