Thursday, April 9, 2009

Recently, I am doing a HUGE project and I have been doing my scrapbook in few months. It took me soooo long to get it done.Well, it is actually for my honey this month 4/20. 2nd anniversary! yah! It seems almost done and might be done it on time but due to the fact that I have midterms coming in these two weeks; i might have to stay up to finish it which will be aweful, but seriously i dont want to get it done by one night or two. I know my mind will be stuck up, man! The resaon why I put so much on time one page is not I have no design on it but i just want to make sure each page is PERFECT! I like to be that way! So, hopefully I can have more time to split it on my school work and this project. (making one card is much easier) Plus, i am marking with my heart to my honey that why takes much longer and longer. The person is so important to me so I want to make it Nice and def. hope he will appreciate my work. oh, I m thinking to get sth to him, but I still have no idea.........need to think about it........Time is just so tight....I know i should prepare earlier, but i just know have an idea yet. god help.

hope you like my page of my scrapbook....
oh you can see there are three holes on the right, it will going to be punch out.

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